Energizing power
from a depth of
1865 meters.

Aqua Dome spa center in Tirol

Especially in winter, Tirol's Aqua Dome thermal spa is the place to be for those in search of relaxation and health-conscious connoisseurs. The spa features 7 saunas, 12 indoor and outdoor pools as well as 4 bars and restaurants for your ultimate well-being. The whole center focuses on the power of water - water that comes from deep inside the earth (1865 meters) at about 40° Celsius and a sulfur content of approx. 5 mg S-/1. Sulfur water has healing effects if you suffer from pain, inflammation or fatigue. In addition, the blood circulation is enhanced and the sebum production regulated, resulting in a smooth skin texture.

Paradise for kids - Noah's Alpine Ark

The wonderfully relaxing world of the Aqua Dome spa center covers more than 22,000 m² and offers a true heaven for children and teens: games and plenty of fun are scheduled at "Noah's Alpine Ark" - a perfect place to romp around while the parents can enjoy a couple of relaxing wellness hours. A visit to the Aqua Dome is an absolute must for all holiday makers in Ötztal – at only 30 driving minutes from Hotel Seerose at lake Piburger See. More details are available here.


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